February 27, 2016

Snippet from Rainbow Snippets–Authors, join us!

This is from Lovers, sequel to Partners, due out March 6. Pre-order now. Long-time partners on the LA police force, Rider and Nicco have taken their relationship to a new level.

Rider’s stomach sank. He hadn’t thought that far ahead, but Nicco was right. He propped his head on one hand, and brought his other to rest on Nicco’s flat belly. “I don’t want another partner.”

“Neither do I.”

“But I don’t want to give this up, either.” Rider played with the dark hairs beneath Nicco’s navel.

“Yeah. Me, neither.”

“So…what do we do?” Rider asked.

February 21, 2016

For the Facebook group Rainbow Snippets, where every week authors share snippets of their work.

This week’s snippet is from Love Will Find a Way, released today. Weeks before their wedding, Aiden finds out that his fiance has been hiding something from him for years.

“Bryar called me,” Eve told (Aiden) when he padded barefoot into the kitchen. She handed him a cup of coffee, and he nodded his thanks. Wrapping his hands around the cup, he leaned against the counter and breathed in the coffee’s aroma. His head ached, and his eyes still felt swollen. He took a long sip, the caffeine waking nerves deadened by sleep and misery.

“What did he say?”

“He wanted to make sure you were here. He was worried about you. I told him he was an ass for doing this to you, and he agreed.”

“Yes, that’s something all three of us can agree on.” Aiden stared into his cup.

2/21 Facebook Still Sucks

Still off author Facebook, but I can now get on real facebook. (It’s possible that I always could–the sign-ons were getting mixed up on my computer.) So, Facebook wants documentation that I am Rebecca James. Other than a snap of a piece of a book contract where it gives my real name along with my pseud, I don’t know how I can do that. Not sure they’ll accept that, though. The problem with only using an author page on Facebook (connected to a private profile in your own name) is that you can’t do all the stuff you can on a profile–connect with people and groups, etc.

2/20 Facebook Sucks

So…Facebook kicked me off today for no reason that I know of. It said for “security reasons” and then wanted me to identify my “friends.” Sorry, but as an author, I can’t match my f’lists pictures to their names! I tried several times, using clues such as the authors name on a book cover, etc, but many of them were faces I didn’t know or just random, half-dressed models!

So they locked me off that for an hour. I went to my “real” Facebook and tried, and I’ve been kicked off there, too. (I didn’t even think they were linked?) And they want a pic of my driver’s license that shows my name and birth date, too. Well, my cell phone evidently hates me now, because it won’t send the picture to my email so I can access it on my computer! All this, and I have a deadline in a week! I know I could still be writing, but I’m so stressed! Anyone have a clue what’s going on or how to fix it?


excerpt from Firefly Ranch

      Bishop grew very still, a wary look settling over his face. Suddenly, the sounds of cows shifting in the straw and rhythmically chewing their cud seemed incredibly loud around them.
      “What are you talking about?” Bishop’s gaze bored into Carver, and Carver wondered if it had been a mistake to bring it up. But he had to know.
      “Word is that Sutter made a pass at you, and you turned him down. That’s why he didn’t give you the job.”
      “Where did you hear that?”
      “It doesn’t matter where I heard it. All I really care about is that you get over yourself and get rid of the attitude before I have to take action.”
      “Is that a threat?” Bishop narrowed his eyes.
      “What?” Carver frowned.
      “Are you threatening me? Because I’m gay. Like maybe you don’t want a fag working under you, so if I don’t bend and scrape to you, you’ll have me fired.”
      “No!” Carver couldn’t help it, the laugh bubbled up of its own accord; because if Bishop only knew him, he’d realize how ridiculous that accusation was. Turns out that laughing was the wrong thing to do; before Carver could blink, Bishop pulled back his fist and slammed it into Carver’s jaw, knocking him to the ground.
      The easiest and probably smartest thing to do at that point would be to explain from where he was sprawled in the straw, but Carver had never been known to go with the easiest and smartest thing. Surging forward, he tackled Bishop by the legs, sending him toppling backward. Before he could right himself, Carver was on him.
      “Get off!” Bishop struggled, but Carver not only had the advantage of being slightly larger than Bishop, but also of having grown up on a ranch defending himself against bullies while trying to prove himself. Still, Bishop was no weakling, and there was a tussle before Carver finally pinned him. What he hadn’t expected was the way his body would react to being pressed against Bishop’s. His erection could cut steel.
      Carver watched Bishop’s eyes dilate, the green almost disappearing altogether. He smelled of sweat and spice, and suddenly Carver just wanted to bury his face in the man’s neck. Bishop Guy might be an ass, but he was also sexy as hell, and there seemed to be a fine line between annoyance and sexual frustration for Carver where he was concerned. Eyes on the wide mouth with lush lips, Carver pushed his hips forward, grinding against Bishop’s groin, delighting in an answering hardness there; but when Carver shifted his gaze from Bishop’s mouth to his eyes, the cold venom he saw there was enough to make him ease up his hold and sit back. The cock might be saying ‘yes’, but the eyes were definitely saying ‘no.’
      “I was not laughing at you,” Carver said. “I was laughing … with you.”
      “What the hell?” Bishop tried to buck Carver off him, but Carver held firm, thighs tightening on narrow hips.
      “Would you just listen? I’m not about to laugh at you for preferring men when I feel the same way. Understand?”
      “Tell me something I can’t already feel through your jeans.” Bishop glared up at Carver, lips pink and slightly open, breath coming in audible huffs. Carver couldn’t stop himself; he leaned in and kissed those lips.


excerpt from Love Lost, Love Found

      Dane dreamed he was kissing Sayer, body warm against his and mouth soft and pliable. He woke to his alarm beeping. Reluctantly, he threw back the covers and got out of bed, wishing he could go back to the dream, which seemed so real, he could still feel the phantom of Sayer’s lips on his.
      On his way into the bathroom, Dane ran into Sayer coming down the hall, a smile on his lips until his gaze moved down Dane’s body to the crotch of his thin cotton pants, at which point his mouth fell open.
      Dane glanced down, mortified to see he was sporting a sizable erection. His face heated.
      “I was coming to see if your alarm went off. Dinner’s waiting.” Sayer turned and walked back down the hall.
      Dane ducked into the bathroom and shut the door, leaning against it for a moment.
      “Holy shit.”
      He turned to the sink and splashed his face with cold water. When his cock had settled, he peed, flushed, and washed his hands.
      By the time he entered the kitchen, he was more or less composed.
      “Did you try out the art supplies?” Dane took a seat at the table, which was already set.
      “Yeah, I couldn’t resist.” Sayer brought the last plate to the table, and they sat down.
      “Smells wonderful.” Dane looked appreciatively at the spread.
      Sayer had baked the chicken Dane had had in the refrigerator, and along with that, he’d cooked carrots, asparagus, and the few new potatoes Dane had had in the pantry. As they ate, Dane’s eyes kept going to Sayer’s face. He looked good — rested and happy. The blue shirt he wore really brought out the color of his eyes, and Dane couldn’t help thinking about the dream and the kiss. His cock stirred in his pants, and Dane was glad that this time it was hidden by the table.
      “Busy shift?” Sayer cut into his potato.
      “An eighteen-wheeler caught fire on the interstate.”
      “Anyone hurt?”
      “Fortunately, no. We got there before things got too bad, and the driver was already out.”
      “Must be pretty exciting, what you do.”
      “Most of the time it’s pretty dull, actually. We sit around the firehouse and play cards, eat, work out, and sleep. I have a couple of books I keep there. That’s about it. Unless there’s a call, of course.”
      “You said your co-workers gave you a hard time about me?”
      “Yeah. They were just worried about me taking home a stranger.” Dane speared a carrot and popped it into his mouth.
      “Do they know you’re gay?” Sayer tilted his head, eyes curious.
      “I told them after Liz died. I couldn’t lie anymore. That’s also when I came out to my family.”
      “How did that go?”
      “Let’s just say we don’t talk anymore.”
      “I’m sorry.”
      “It’s okay.” Dane felt Sayer looking at him and raised his eyes, but although Sayer seemed to want to say something, he remained silent. The air charged between them, and Dane suddenly didn’t feel hungry anymore. For food, anyway.
      He kept eating, though, and when they were both finished, he stood to clear the table.
      “My turn for dish duty.”
      Sayer walked onto the back porch, and from the window Dane watched him sit down at the easel. As Dane scrubbed each dish before stacking it in the small dish washer, he thought about the look they’d exchanged during dinner. He hadn’t imagined the interest in the other man’s eyes, and he hadn’t imagined the way he’d wanted to cross the distance between them and …
      Dane took a deep breath.

                       Down, boy. Take it easy.


excerpt from Partners

Nicco couldn’t help but be glad Alex was leaving. A hundred girls could look at Rider with interest, and Nicco would be fine with it, but watching Alex do it set Nicco’s teeth on edge. As yet, Nicco wasn’t up for exploring the reasons for that.

When they’d finished their meal, they cleaned up the remains and drifted back into the living room. “I think I’ll head for the shower,” Nicco said, feeling tired, grimy, and irritable.

”I’ll be gone when you get out, Nicco,” Rider said. “Talk to you tomorrow.”

Nicco patted Rider’s shoulder in reply and went into the bathroom, pulling off his shirt and throwing it into the corner. He could hear Rider and Alex talking softly on the other side of the wall. Unable to resist, Nicco gently pulled the door open a crack and looked through. He could plainly see the two men standing by the front door, talking. Rider put a hand on Alex’s shoulder, probably telling him to take care on his trip. Alex smiled … Nicco could see his face clearly from this vantage point. Then, as Nicco watched, the younger man suddenly leaned in, hand curling around Rider’s neck, and kissed him right on the mouth.

Nicco jerked, almost giving his spying away. He wanted to move back from the door, but found himself rooted where he stood, waiting to see what Rider’s reaction would be. Unimaginably, but undeniably, Rider leaned into Alex’s embrace … actually wrapped his arms around the younger man and kissed him back.

Kissed him. Open-mouthed and full of tongue, exactly the way Nicco had seen Rider kissing women on many occasions in the past.

If an elephant wearing a tutu had entered the bathroom through the small window over the shower, Nicco couldn’t have been more blown away.

He heard the front door close and hurried to turn on the shower. Standing under the spray, chest heaving as though he’d been running, Nicco put his hands to his head. What was that? What the hell was that?

Sure, Nicco and Rider teased, maybe even flirted, dancing around each other in that way they had; but it was something they’d always done and just a part of who they were together. At least, that’s what Nicco had thought. Now he didn’t know anymore. How could Rider be interested in men and Nicco not know about it?

It took all Nicco’s concentration to wash off properly, his mind returning again and again to the kiss he’d witnessed until he finally switched the water on cold to alleviate the undeniable erection that he’d gotten from thinking about it. Pressing his face to the cool tile, he took several deep breaths and willed himself to calm down.

It hurt, dammit! It hurt to see Rider that close with another man, and Nicco didn’t know what that meant.

Nicco did his best to act natural when he left the bathroom and said goodnight to Alex. Confused and heart-sick, he headed for bed, only to lay in the darkness, eyes wide open.