excerpt from Love Will Find a Way

      “What is it you said you each did for a living?” Eve asked, giving Aiden a chance to make notes on his tablet.
      “Vick’s a stock broker, and I’m a flight attendant for Friendly Air.”
      Aiden looked up.
      “My boyfriend’s a pilot for Friendly Air. Bryar Cabot?”
      “Your boyfriend?” Ted frowned slightly.
      “Fiancé, actually.” Aiden couldn’t help but smile and twist the ring about his finger.
      “Tall, dark, and handsome?” Ted asked.
      “Hey!” Vick playfully smacked Ted’s arm with his free hand.
      Aiden nodded, and to his amusement, so did Eve. Eve always said if Bryar wasn’t gay, she would go for him in a heartbeat. Aiden supposed there was something slightly bad-boy about Bryar, particularly when he wore his black leather jacket. Aiden thought of that morning when Bryar had talked so dirty to him while fucking him hard and fast, and Aiden’s cock twitched in his pants.
      “Yeah, I know him. I just …” Ted’s confusion began to register in Aiden’s mind, and he leaned forward.
      ‘What?” Aiden asked. He felt Eve’s eyes on him.
      “Nothing,” Ted shook his head. “I didn’t realize Cabot was gay, that’s all. It just shocked me a bit.”
      “What made you assume he was straight?” Eve asked as Aiden’s heart began to hammer. This was it — the guy was going to say that Bryar was having an affair. That’s why Bryar looked distant sometimes, and that’s why he didn’t want to invite anyone he knew to the wedding. In the back of Aiden’s mind, he realized that was ridiculous — Aiden completely trusted Bryar, and besides … if Ted was surprised that Bryar was gay, it meant that Bryar would have to be having an affair with a woman, and Aiden knew that would never happen. Bryar was not in the least attracted to the female persuasion.
      “Just never gave off the vibe.” Ted shrugged. “He even flirts with the ladies.”
      A rock settled in Aiden’s stomach. Eve looked dubious.
      “No more than flirting?” she asked, obviously determined to get information out of the man before he left and she had to deal with the fallout. She was probably right; Aiden was too stunned to think of a thing to say, but later he was sure his mind would be working double-time to put it all together.
      “I’ve never seen him in a clinch with one, if that’s what you mean.”
      “Never heard he’d spent a layover with a woman?” Eve pressed, and Aiden saw Vick move uncomfortably in his seat, obviously disliking the suddenly serious tone the conversation had taken, or perhaps disappointed that the spotlight was off his wedding.
                Ted shook his head, and Aiden let out the breath he’d been holding.



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