2/20 Facebook Sucks

So…Facebook kicked me off today for no reason that I know of. It said for “security reasons” and then wanted me to identify my “friends.” Sorry, but as an author, I can’t match my f’lists pictures to their names! I tried several times, using clues such as the authors name on a book cover, etc, but many of them were faces I didn’t know or just random, half-dressed models!

So they locked me off that for an hour. I went to my “real” Facebook and tried, and I’ve been kicked off there, too. (I didn’t even think they were linked?) And they want a pic of my driver’s license that shows my name and birth date, too. Well, my cell phone evidently hates me now, because it won’t send the picture to my email so I can access it on my computer! All this, and I have a deadline in a week! I know I could still be writing, but I’m so stressed! Anyone have a clue what’s going on or how to fix it?



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