February 21, 2016

For the Facebook group Rainbow Snippets, where every week authors share snippets of their work.

This week’s snippet is from Love Will Find a Way, released today. Weeks before their wedding, Aiden finds out that his fiance has been hiding something from him for years.

“Bryar called me,” Eve told (Aiden) when he padded barefoot into the kitchen. She handed him a cup of coffee, and he nodded his thanks. Wrapping his hands around the cup, he leaned against the counter and breathed in the coffee’s aroma. His head ached, and his eyes still felt swollen. He took a long sip, the caffeine waking nerves deadened by sleep and misery.

“What did he say?”

“He wanted to make sure you were here. He was worried about you. I told him he was an ass for doing this to you, and he agreed.”

“Yes, that’s something all three of us can agree on.” Aiden stared into his cup.


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