March 5, 2016

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From Lovers, sequel to Partners, live tomorrow. Nicco and Rider struggle to take their long friendship and partnership to a new level.

“Shit,” Rider said, kicking a broken stool out of his way. “It was too good to think the bastard would be here, and we might finally get some answers.” Nicco nodded, looking as tired and frustrated as Rider felt.

The case was beginning to take its toll; their nerves were frayed and patience worn thin. They’d begun sniping at each other, and Rider didn’t even have the ability anymore to be able to judge if he was overreacting.

“You really want to end things between us?” Nicco suddenly asked. He looked uncharacteristically vulnerable standing there fiddling with the hem of his jacket.


13 thoughts on “March 5, 2016

  1. Ouch, that hurt. It always gets to me when a character asks the question outright. Here, I don’t know what brought them to this place, but seeing them like this is painful just the same. Great snippet!


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