March 12, 2016

For the weekly Facebook group, Rainbow Snippets. This is from Second Alpha, due out April 10.

“They hate me that much?” David stepped away.
“Fuck, they don’t even know you.” Jax pulled David to him, lips close to David’s ear.
“I’ve wanted this. Wanted you.” He ran his hands over David’s back, and David closed his eyes, reveling in the touch. “But…” Jax stopped.
“Well, this whole alpha thing is kind of different from what I’m used to.”
“What do you mean?” David’s mouth went dry. He knew what was coming.
“Just…well. Fuck, David.” Jax took a deep breath and released it. “I’m not normally a bottom.”
David stared. He’d expected Jax to want David to bottom at some point, but he’d never considered that Jax had a problem with doing it himself.. “Why didn’t you say something?”


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