April 30, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where author’s share pieces of their works. This scene is from my WIP–a sci-fi paranormal shifter story. After finding he’s omega to an alpha werewolf, Michael finds himself in a werewolf colony that he does not yet realize is from another world.

“Prisoners,” Quinn said, as though answering Michael’s unasked question. Sometimes he really did seem to read Michael’s mind. “Escor. Scum.”

The corridor leading to the door was narrow and crowded. Quinn wrapped his arm around Michael’s waist and maneuvered them through, while Michael continued to stare at the prisoners. He’d never seen anyone like them; completely hairless, lacking even eyebrows and lashes, with long, slim feet and oddly-shaped heads. Two large werewolves wearing red tangas and brandishing curved sticks urged the prisoners along. As Quinn and Michael passed the line of men, one looked directly at Michael, his silver eyes with dark, vertical pupils reminding Michael uncomfortably of a snake. Michael thought they must be contact lenses—he’d seen some that gave a similar effect. As Michael returned the gaze, quick as lightning, the man’s tongue darted out, thin and forked, touching Michael on the arm at the same time that Atlas yelled and pulled Michael backward until his shoulder hit the opposite wall. Quinn threw himself at the prisoner, his hands around the man’s thick throat.




April 23, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun group on Facebook where author’s share bits of their works.  Today’s snippet is from my WIP, which is a shifter/sci-fi mpreg story. Michael expected to be dealing with his social anxiety issues in his first year of college, not the fact that he’s an omega werewolf and the bond mate of Quinn, the sexy alpha who showed up out of nowhere.

(Michael) wanted Quinn near him. Needed him, and not with the all-consuming lust of the heat, but with a deep-down internal compulsion that jolted Michael to his very foundation. Taking another deep breath and not giving too much thought to whether he’d be able to convey his message in a howl or not, Michael let loose another call, stronger this time and filled with all the yearning he had inside him.

Immediately, there came an answering call, sending a tremor of anticipation along Michael’s spine.

Current Endeavors

Hi, all. I’m 3/4 into the third book of my River Wolf Pack series, but have paused to begin another wolf pack series. Yes, the idea just came to me in a flash, and I couldn’t help myself. Hopefully, readers will enjoy these characters as much as they have those from my other series. I also have an idea for a sci-fi book knocking around in my head which I might try in the near future. I have a partly written vampire story on hold, as well as part of a contemporary story.

About part 3 of the River series–this one is a little different in that I have incorporated several points of view rather than just one. Book one, First Omega, is written from Josiah’s point of view. Book 2, Second Alpha, is written from David’s point of view. Book 3, tentatively entitled Third Mate, is written with rotating points of view (chapter to chapter) from Josiah, Jax, Leo, and Sam. It explores more pack dynamics, mpreg, relationships, and werewolf/human relations.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the books, as well as any you  might have on my future endeavors. Please feel free to leave comments.

April 16, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun Facebook group where authors share snippets of what they write. My River Wolf Pack series has romance, erotica, pack dynamics, as well as the dynamics between werewolves and humans. This snippet is from Second Alpha, the second book in the series and now live. This scene happens after a harrowing ordeal that’s left David emotionally rattled.

It struck David as even funnier that Brooks should be reassuring him rather than the other way around, and he shook his head, laughing harder. When he was finally able to take a deep breath, he realized his face was wet with tears.“David.” A very familiar voice called to him, one David would recognize no matter where or when, and David lifted his head, eyes wide, to find Jax kneeling beside him.

Before David could say anything, River pushed forward and, slipping his hands under David’s arms, hoisted his friend to stand and into a crushing hug.

“Are you okay?” River asked, mouth near David’s ear. As he came to himself, David slowly nodded, embarrassment at his reaction rolling over him. He gruffly wiped his face with his hand, letting his head rest for a brief moment on River’s shoulder before drawing away. “How the fuck did Foster get a gun?” he asked.


Release Day Party and Interview

I feel special to be the focus of another interview!

Meraki P. Lyhne

Second AlphaHello all and welcome to the party!

Today, Rebecca James stopped by to celebrate the release of her new book, Second Alpha. I’m so happy about this because I’m a fan! I read First Omega not long ago, and reviewed it HERE, so I’m very much looking forward to this next installment.

Interview time!

Welcome, Rebecca, and thank you for wanting to stop by my blog on your busy day.

1. Which of the books you have written are you most proud of?

I’d say I’m fairly proud of all of them, but I’ve put a lot of work into my shifter books to make them original and interesting. I’m rather fond of the two MC’s in Love Will Find a Way, for some reason; and although it has sold the least copies, I am rather proud of Firefly Ranch, which I wrote for a cowboy submission call. I…

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April 9, 2016

Rainbow snippets is a fun Facebook group where authors share pieces of their works.

Today’s snippet again comes from my wip,  third in the River Wolf Pack series.  Foster, the coyote shifter, and Sam, the werewolf omega,  are close friends who bonded over being outsiders who recently joined the pack. Leo, an alpha who’s been watching out for them and has feelings for both young men he doesn’t want to admit, and in this scene is trying to protect Sam from Stone–the asshole alpha who wants to take Sam as a fifth mate.

“Wait!” Foster ran to catch up. “What are you doing?”

“This doesn’t concern you,” Leo said in a gentler tone.

“Everything about Sam concerns me. I’m his best friend.”

“Are you sure you two haven’t secretly mated?” Leo asked, looking directly into the coyote shifter’s eyes. “I need to know, Foster.”

“We haven’t,” Foster said. He glanced between Leo and Sam with trepidation. Sam didn’t know what Leo was about to do, but as the crowd around them grew, he felt the inevitability of the moment.

This is it.

“Kneel,” Leo demanded, and Sam’s knees hit the ground, body submitting without thought. His eyes widened as Leo unlaced his pants, drawing out his cock, which was slightly hard. Sam swallowed, mouth beginning to water. All eyes were on them.

“Leo,” Foster began as the alpha closed his eyes for a moment. “What are you–”

The first splash of potent urine hit Sam in the face. Sam’s mouth dropped open before quickly shutting again as warm piss covered him from head to toe.


Links to buy the River Wolf Pack books.

First Omega

Second Alpha


April 2, 2016

For the Facebook group Rainbow Snippets.

This week’s snippet is unedited from my wip, the third book in the River Wolf Pack Series.

“What are you doing? Sam?” Foster’s voice seemed even farther away. “Hey!” He called out. “Somebody–Oh, shit!”

At that moment, pandemonium broke out. Snarls and growls, and a heavy weight forcing Sam to his belly in the cool spring. He fought to keep his head out of the water as his body continued to pulse with need. He whimpered, and someone grabbed onto his foot, tugging him backward, his shirt riding up and belly scraping on slick rock.

“Get off!” Foster yelled above the sounds of more snarling and growling and the continuous buzz in Sam’s head. A howl—one Sam recognized as a call for assistance– rose in the air. An odd crawling sensation moved over Sam’s skin. He was hot; so hot, he wouldn’t be surprised if the river water surrounding him began to boil. Having clothes on felt all wrong, and he desperately wanted them off, but the weight on top of him prevented him from moving at all. Sam wiggled his ass, needing something. He pushed up into the hardness pressed against him.

“Fuck.” Foster’s voice echoed in Sam’s head.

He pushed up again, even more greedily. “Yes, yes,” he said before letting out a long moan.