April 2, 2016

For the Facebook group Rainbow Snippets.

This week’s snippet is unedited from my wip, the third book in the River Wolf Pack Series.

“What are you doing? Sam?” Foster’s voice seemed even farther away. “Hey!” He called out. “Somebody–Oh, shit!”

At that moment, pandemonium broke out. Snarls and growls, and a heavy weight forcing Sam to his belly in the cool spring. He fought to keep his head out of the water as his body continued to pulse with need. He whimpered, and someone grabbed onto his foot, tugging him backward, his shirt riding up and belly scraping on slick rock.

“Get off!” Foster yelled above the sounds of more snarling and growling and the continuous buzz in Sam’s head. A howl—one Sam recognized as a call for assistance– rose in the air. An odd crawling sensation moved over Sam’s skin. He was hot; so hot, he wouldn’t be surprised if the river water surrounding him began to boil. Having clothes on felt all wrong, and he desperately wanted them off, but the weight on top of him prevented him from moving at all. Sam wiggled his ass, needing something. He pushed up into the hardness pressed against him.

“Fuck.” Foster’s voice echoed in Sam’s head.

He pushed up again, even more greedily. “Yes, yes,” he said before letting out a long moan.


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