April 9, 2016

Rainbow snippets is a fun Facebook group where authors share pieces of their works.

Today’s snippet again comes from my wip,  third in the River Wolf Pack series.  Foster, the coyote shifter, and Sam, the werewolf omega,  are close friends who bonded over being outsiders who recently joined the pack. Leo, an alpha who’s been watching out for them and has feelings for both young men he doesn’t want to admit, and in this scene is trying to protect Sam from Stone–the asshole alpha who wants to take Sam as a fifth mate.

“Wait!” Foster ran to catch up. “What are you doing?”

“This doesn’t concern you,” Leo said in a gentler tone.

“Everything about Sam concerns me. I’m his best friend.”

“Are you sure you two haven’t secretly mated?” Leo asked, looking directly into the coyote shifter’s eyes. “I need to know, Foster.”

“We haven’t,” Foster said. He glanced between Leo and Sam with trepidation. Sam didn’t know what Leo was about to do, but as the crowd around them grew, he felt the inevitability of the moment.

This is it.

“Kneel,” Leo demanded, and Sam’s knees hit the ground, body submitting without thought. His eyes widened as Leo unlaced his pants, drawing out his cock, which was slightly hard. Sam swallowed, mouth beginning to water. All eyes were on them.

“Leo,” Foster began as the alpha closed his eyes for a moment. “What are you–”

The first splash of potent urine hit Sam in the face. Sam’s mouth dropped open before quickly shutting again as warm piss covered him from head to toe.


Links to buy the River Wolf Pack books.

First Omega

Second Alpha



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