April 16, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun Facebook group where authors share snippets of what they write. My River Wolf Pack series has romance, erotica, pack dynamics, as well as the dynamics between werewolves and humans. This snippet is from Second Alpha, the second book in the series and now live. This scene happens after a harrowing ordeal that’s left David emotionally rattled.

It struck David as even funnier that Brooks should be reassuring him rather than the other way around, and he shook his head, laughing harder. When he was finally able to take a deep breath, he realized his face was wet with tears.“David.” A very familiar voice called to him, one David would recognize no matter where or when, and David lifted his head, eyes wide, to find Jax kneeling beside him.

Before David could say anything, River pushed forward and, slipping his hands under David’s arms, hoisted his friend to stand and into a crushing hug.

“Are you okay?” River asked, mouth near David’s ear. As he came to himself, David slowly nodded, embarrassment at his reaction rolling over him. He gruffly wiped his face with his hand, letting his head rest for a brief moment on River’s shoulder before drawing away. “How the fuck did Foster get a gun?” he asked.



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