April 23, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun group on Facebook where author’s share bits of their works.  Today’s snippet is from my WIP, which is a shifter/sci-fi mpreg story. Michael expected to be dealing with his social anxiety issues in his first year of college, not the fact that he’s an omega werewolf and the bond mate of Quinn, the sexy alpha who showed up out of nowhere.

(Michael) wanted Quinn near him. Needed him, and not with the all-consuming lust of the heat, but with a deep-down internal compulsion that jolted Michael to his very foundation. Taking another deep breath and not giving too much thought to whether he’d be able to convey his message in a howl or not, Michael let loose another call, stronger this time and filled with all the yearning he had inside him.

Immediately, there came an answering call, sending a tremor of anticipation along Michael’s spine.


11 thoughts on “April 23, 2016

  1. Love the sense of almost extreme longing/neediness here. I’m going to assume it’s Quinn who answered, and I like that too–like he senses the need and is giving reassurance.


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