May 21, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun Facebook group where authors share pieces of their work.

Today’s snippet is from my current WIP–a sci-fi/paranormal endeavor.

“Do you have an order?” the ball asked in a low, sultry, male voice.

“Mittalla leaf tea, please. For two.”

The ball whizzed off, and Michael stared after it.

“You’ll like it; it’s delicious. Also very good for nausea.”

“What was that thing?” Michael asked.

Ezzy laughed. “Don’t let him hear you refer to him as a ‘thing.’ He’s a Borgol.”

“He looks part machine.”

“The Borgol were once a race without bodies. Then around the time of the first galactic phase when it looked like war might come between the Excoosians and the Phragistees, the Borgol wanted to fight with the Phragistees, because, you know, nobody likes the Excoosians. So they set about having mechanical bodies made. Over eons, their mental and physical converged until they became what they are today.”

“Floating metal balls that serve werewolves drinks in bathhouses?” Michael asked, and Ezzy made a surprised sound that turned into stomach-clutching laughter. “Oh, honey, that’s rich.” Ezzy wiped his eyes. “No, not at all. See, Cheevy is doing a phase of repentance for a transgression. He got kinky with the mate of someone important on Daos 2, so he was sent here to work it off.”

Michael was busy trying to imagine what “kinky” act the flying metal ball could have committed when it returned with a tray in it’s extended, fleshy hands.


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