May 28, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun group on Facebook where authors share weekly snippets of their work.

This week’s snippet picks up where last week’s left off. It’s from my current WIP, a sci-fi paranormal novel. This scene takes place in a bath house of sorts.

“Two Mitallas,” Cheevy said, and Ezzy and Michael each took their drink.

“Cheevy,” Ezzy said after tasting his drink, “I was just telling Michael all about you.”

The ball rotated to the left, and Michael could see intelligence within the rectangular screen that ran across its—his–top.

“Michael?” Cheevy said. “So you are the new omega mate of Tribus Quinn?”

Michael nodded. The ball came closer and a slot opened on its side. A long appendage resembling a noodle-like arm with three fingers at the end slid out and ran along Michael’s bare thigh, making his skin tingle.

“Bah!” Ezzy yelled, and swatted at Cheevy, knocking him sideways in the air. “You’d better hope I don’t report this to Tribus Quinn, or your stage of repentance will become something much worse than serving drinks at the bath house!”

The ball shuddered at the threat before bouncing in the air, it’s screen turning toward Michael. “Many pardons, Omega Michael,” Cheevy said. “I did not mean to offend.”

“Like Tars, you didn’t!” Ezzy swatted at the thing again, and it took off, zipping through the foliage and out of sight.

“Those Borgol are asquer cabros, every last one of them.” Ezzy leaned over to cup water from the pool and splash it over Michael’s leg where the Borgol had touched him.

Michael didn’t know what the words meant, but he could imagine. “It’s okay. He only touched me with his finger.”

“That was his tongue.”

“Oh.” Michael cringed, beginning to understand what kinky things Cheevy might be capable of.

“Do you still feel it?” Ezzy asked, continuing to splash.

“A little.”

“The escor. I should really tell Quinn.”

“It’s okay now,” Michael said after a moment. “I can’t feel it anymore.”

Ezzy stopped. “You sure?” He watched Michael carefully.

“Yeah. Why did it tingle like that?”

Ezzy lay back and raised his arms, pillowing his head on his hands. “The Borgol’s tongues secrete a strong aphrodisiac. If I hadn’t been here, you would have been putty in his hands.”


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