June 4, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun group on Facebook where authors post weekly snippets from their work. Today’s snippet is from one of my paranormal WIP’s, The Vampire’s Consort. Unedited.

The car stopped with a jerk, and Birch would had fallen to the floor had it not been for Athan’s hold on him. The door slid open, fingers of grayish light slowly revealing the cramped box in which they stood.

“We need to get that thing fixed,” Athan said as they stepped onto what appeared to be a cobblestone street.

Serafino nodded and shrugged his shoulders as though to work out a kink, the white snake slithering down his arm and back into the safety of his pocket. Birch couldn’t blame her; if he could fit in Athan’s pocket, he would be there now. He looked around at the rows of buildings, some with dim lights illuminating their windows. The lit poles lining the street had torch-like tops encased in glass. High above them a black void of a starless sky stretched as far as Birch could see.

Something inside Birch protested to the dank, dark atmosphere, and he shivered.

“Where are we?”

“Where are we?”

“Nox,” Athan said. At Birch’s look of confusion, he added, “Where all vampires originate.”

Well, that cleared up precisely nothing. Wherever they were, it was deep in the earth, for Birch knew he hadn’t imagined the plummeting fall they’d just experienced.


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