June 12, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun Facebook group where authors post weekly snippets of their work.

Ethan and Donovan meet online. Donovan is a thirty-year-old doctor and doesn’t know that Ethan is actually five years younger than he told him (19). When Donovan goes to a medical conference in Atlanta, he wants to meet up with Ethan for the night. Ethan’s determined that Donovan not find out just how young and experienced he is. WIP, unedited.

Fuck, how could I have miscalculated my father’s innate ability to mess up my life by snooping? At eight o’clock the next morning, I walked down to the lobby with Donovan to have breakfast in the dining room, my body completely numb from the orgasm I’d had after awakening to Donovan’s mouth on my cock.

I had to say, I felt pretty smug. After all, the night before had been spectacular. Sure, the guilt I’d been suppressing was seeping back in. Now that I’d met Donovan in person, I knew he really was the great guy he’d seemed to be online, and I hated that I was still lying to him. But when was the right time to say—hey, by the way, I lied about being twenty-four. And when you fucked me last night? That was my first time. I’d dug myself deeper and deeper into a hole, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of it. Donovan wanted to keep in touch, and I really wanted that, too.

I was so preoccupied trying to figure out how to make all this right, I didn’t immediately see Alys standing near the elevators looking miserable with my dad glowering beside her. Dad’s girlfriend Lois was there, too, sitting on the fancy couch, expression uncomfortable. She looked like she’d been dragged out of bed with no time to fix herself up.

When Dad saw us, he stepped forward, smoke practically coming out of his ears.


9 thoughts on “June 12, 2016

  1. Loved the snippet. I had a little shiver when Dad comes storming forward. I have a feeling the truth is about to get dragged out. (Don’t shoot me but can you please change drug to dragged. My grammar nazi is weeping)


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