July 30, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun Facebook group where every week author’s share a bit of what they’re working on.

Today’s snippet comes from my WIP The Vampire’s Consort. Unedited.

“And what about this young man?” Hall asked, breaking into Birch’s thoughts. The vampire had reached the end of the queue of boys and now turned his attention to Birch.

“Birchwood?” Firestone asked, a look of surprised distaste passing over his dull face just before he laughed derisively. “He’s not important.”

Hall simply stared at Firestone with those unfathomable eyes until he answered.

“Athan Hall, may I present Birchwood Beverly.” Firestone’s cheeks and the tip of his nose had gone red, either from the wine or from having to lower himself to introduce a servant.

When Hall’s cool hand clasped Birch’s and shook it, a hot flush ran through the boy’s body.

“Why didn’t you introduce him with the others?” Hall asked.

“Birchwood isn’t a student here,” Firestone said in the tone one might use when speaking of body waste rather than a person with thoughts and feelings. Birch was well accustomed to it, but that didn’t mean it still didn’t hurt.

“I distinctly heard you ask him about his studies.” Hall raised an eyebrow as dark and graceful as a raven’s wing. A fanciful thought, Birch knew, but there was something about the vampire that made Birch think fanciful things. His was a dull life, and a little daydreaming helped pass the time between chores, although that kind of thing was highly discouraged by the Firestones. If Birch were caught, he’d be punished.

“Well, yes, we do teach him, but he isn’t one of my charges. That is, we aren’t paid to keep him. My predecessor found him on our doorstep.”

The vampire’s eyes widened. “Really.”

“He’s been raised here at the orphanage, but he’s considered one of the help,” Firestone said.

“And why is that?” Hall asked, those mesmerizing eyes running over Birch from head to toe and back again. Birch couldn’t help but squirm under the intense scrutiny.

“As I said, we were not paid to take him in, either by the state or by distant relatives. He works for the roof over his head.”

“Then you would not expect the same price should I decide to take him with me?” Hall’s eyes met Birch’s, and Birch’s mouth fell open, as did the headmaster’s.

“Do you mean you want Birchwood for a servant? He’s hardly efficient–”

“No, I mean to take him as my consort.”

July 23, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun Facebook group where authors gather weekly to share pieces of their work.

Today’s snippet comes from book 4 of my River Wolf pack series, which has River and his mate and friends on a quest for a new territory. The book will also tell about Milo, Justin, and the others in the Angel Hills Pack, which is anxious for the new omegas to start breeding. This scene comes very early in the book when River finds Patrick (one of the rogues he took in a while back) lounging on an overhang watching Jax, Brooks, and David below.

Patrick nodded to River in greeting as a sudden breeze ruffled his ginger-colored hair. Below, River could see Jax, David, and Brooks laughing and splashing in the pool. Why Patrick was watching them, River wasn’t sure, although it was certainly a pleasant place to sit–the view of the rounded green mountains rolling into the distance nothing less than spectacular.

River watched David jump onto Jax’s back, the human staggering briefly under the weight before heading for deeper water. Brooks disappeared under the surface and shot up again in a rush, knocking David off Jax and under water. David came up sputtering and sent a large splash into Brooks’ face.

“I’ve never liked humans,” Patrick suddenly broke into River’s thoughts about how much fun the three men seemed to be having. “After what they did to my pack, I despised them.”

“Anyone would,” River said.

Patrick turned to him, his lean, pale body freckled from recent sun exposure. “I didn’t like you much when I met you. Thought you were crazy for what you were doing. I mean, didn’t you realize how ruthless humans are? Didn’t you know that they’d killed children? My whole fucking family?” He looked back over the cliff to the men splashing below. “And you’d mated a half-human. I couldn’t imagine that Josiah could be anything but cruel.”

Reviews for Third Mate

5 from Vvivacious on Goodreads

This book is awesome and if you want to know why it’s because it is a completely new take with a brand new formula on writing a series.

The first book is about Josiah and River, the second about Jax and David and I was kind of guessing the third would be about Xavier and Trace or (and this is after finding out the title) about Malcolm, Danny and Zane. But this book is not about a particular couple even though the story is still first and foremost a romance. This series has taken the road less travelled and now tells the story of a pack and its members taken as a whole instead of focusing on just one member’s love story while have an arc concerning the pack forming the background of the series. This series has taken the background and brought it centre-stage and that is something that has really paid off in this book.

So what do I mean by all that, well what I feel is that this series is now telling a much bigger story than that of just its pack members. It is now firmly on the path of telling the story of a pack disintegrating, torn between the conservatives and radicals, and on a much bigger scale sends a message of tolerance.

As we have seen in the past two books, River has been making efforts to assimilate and extend relations between weres and humans and how events have come to unfold in the wake of this change. But you can only take the horse to the water. The increasing changes have made most pack members conservative, wishing for a swift return to earlier ways. In the foreground of this political turmoil things have reached the tipping point for the River Wolf Pack.

Also this time we have four POVs. We are already familiar with Josiah so getting back in his mind was awesome but things are difficult with River and Josiah given that their daughters are the only females in their pack and represent a radical change in werewolf society. So things are on the roll for Josiah and River as they try to make their family acceptable…

…and then there is Jax. We had David’s perspective in the previous book so it was nice to see their relationship from Jax’s perspective. Jax’s place in the pack has always been questionable and being the only human in the pack has been a prickly experience. But these two are anticipating the worst (the end) and what I loved about this story was that it was kind of leading us to believe something else but it ended up with something completely different which took me by surprise, but then ended up shocking me by how natural that particular turn of events was.

What I loved is that even though we dealt a lot with Jax and David in the previous book their relationship hadn’t finished evolving and still is and we are just going to have wait and watch where this relationship will take these two. Some of the scenes between David and Jax were just so emotional it’s amazing the relationship these two share, and how much it has changed and yet remained the same.

And bringing up the rear are come Foster, Sam and Leo with their weird love triangle…? While things are initially very unclear on that front, these three are the focus of this book. Sam and Leo are the other two POVs in this book and they really held their own as protagonists especially since they were competing with seasoned protagonists for attention.

But what I adored about this story was the focus on the pack and the political and romantic ambitions of its members. There are a lot of characters in this book interacting in different ways with our MCs. The River Wolf Pack is on the verge of change and this book is the ride to see if they will accept it or reject it.

After finishing this book, I can’t wait for the next book…



4.5 from Star, Goodreads

I have loved every book in this series but this one definitely my favorite one due to the story line being complex and full but handled so well you just never want to leave this world! This one is filled with more couples (and previous ones), more babies (who doesn’t want babies?), more bad guys (and they aren’t just human), and enough angst and unrest to make you sit on the edge of your seat!

In the last book we got to see the birth of River and Josiah’s twin girls and the ripple effect their birth caused throughout the human and wolf worlds. Not only because they are girls but because they may not even be shifters which just gets the hackles up on some of the wolves in the River Wolf pack. So much change in what seems like a short time for the wolves, even if to some the change is needed, the wolves are starting to doubt their Alpha’s ability to keep them safe for humans and rogues alike.

This story is about David and Jax; does Jax finally stand up for his man and find a way to stay with him? Does Brooks somehow fit into the equation or is he the thing that pushes Jax completely out of the picture?

This story is about River and Josiah; Do they win against the part of the pack that wants their twin girls out of the picture? Do they agree that the rogues that they took in need to get out the pack? And in order to do all of this does River have to step down as Alpha?

This story is about Leo and Sam and Foster; Does Leo finally step up and claim to the two young men he’s drawn to? Does Sam tell Leo how he feels about him or will his heat change the name of the game? Does Foster stay in a pack of wolves with Leo and Sam instead of finding his true mate in another coyote pack?

With all that goes in this story you are never left bored and you are NEVER left confused, a difficult task with so many POV’s but truly the author accomplishes the task perfectly! So many questions need answering because each one changes the path the wolf community is going on. Each one of these couples are going through huge changes and lots of stress but it never seems that everything will get tied up in a neat perfect bow because these characters are not perfect. They are complex and complicated much like their storylines.

The Jax and David continued dynamic was freaking hot especially when Jax topped and David loved it! This author knows how to write a bad guy too because I truly despised and wish bad things to happen to a certain wolf more than once and more than one truly horrible way! Getting to know Leo, through both his own point of view and through that of Sam’s, was truly a walk in complexity is both sweet and tough, strong and soft. What this tells is that the author writes from the heart of each character just just with a writing goal in mind. I would say I hope there is a next book but in this instance I DEMAND another book because there are unanswered questions that I NEED answers for!! Plus you know Foster, or you don’t know but if you want to know…read this series!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through http://diversereader.blogspot.com/ *


5 stars–Beth, Goodreads

“This is the third book and I will admit that I have read them back to back. How could I not, the author has created such an engaging story line. Werewolves who live almost completely independently of both humans and other shifters are suddenly dealing with both on a continual basis. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? Seems both species have both, and how it effects each other lead to some great story lines. The sex that is mixed in is hot too.

You have David and Jax still trying to work out their relationship. Brooks trying to find where he fits in. Leo, Sam and Foster dancing around each other. Josiah and River dealing with twin girls and pack politics.

The ending surprised me and made me realize that there is even more of this wonderful world to come. There’s no cliffhanger, but the ending opens up several avenues for the story to go next. And yes I will be waiting for the next one, to continue this wonderful story.”


4.5–Cheryl, Goodreads

“This is the third book in the Wolf Pack series and without a doubt, these books just keep getting better and better.

More couples are forming, more babies are being had, more bad guys are sticking their oar in (not a euphemism) and the unrest in the pack increases due to the newcomers, the ever present humans and of course Josiah and Rivers twin girls. It’s all happening and River just isn’t able to please everyone. This instalment really had me on the edge of my seat as there just didn’t seem any way for an HEA without some drastic changes.

The author did well with the ending she gave us and although it would be an appropriate close to the story, there is so much scope to come back with at least one more book to let us know what happens next. I for one am really hoping that is the case here. This feels like the beginning of an entirely new chapter rather than an ending.” (less)


4.5 Stars–Jaime, Goodreads

“This is book Three is Rebecca James “River Wolf Pack” series and I have to say it is my favorite book yet! In this book we get to see all of our characters from Books one and two and catch up with them while meeting and falling in love with new characters. If you have not read books one and two in this series, you will not fully understand this book.

The characters are many in this book, River & Josiah – along with their twins; David & Jax, The Omegas; Briar and Kane; Liam and Sawyer; Brooks, Leo, Sam, Foster, Farrah the healer, and more..so it’s a very full story. This story also gives us more insight to another Pack, Milo’s Pack -The Angel Hills Pack.

The love matches in this story are many and then the coupling off to just romp in the woods happen too. The testosterone is flying high in this book as the pack starts to implode and infighting begins as other Alpha’s question whether a River is being too lenient and making decisions based on his Omega Josiah’s desires rather than for the good of the pack. There is also the issue of [spoiler can be read at GR’s] this makes River’s choices even more scrutinized by those Alpha’s in the pack who would like nothing more than to be the new Pack Alpha.

I am a tad upset about the ending – as I wish there were more questions answered but I can only hope that means we have more books coming. I was a little frustrated with Jax and his wishy-washiness over whether to take the bite and be with David fully or to let David go on with his life and Jax return to his; however, I think they have reached a happy medium for now. This has been a fun series thus far, with lots of hot as hell sex – these guys really are almost over the top. If polygamy or certain animalistic traits bother you, this story may not be for you – I enjoyed it however.”

Link to Jordan’s review, as it has a lot of gifs.


Excerpt from Third Mate

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

The humans were not the only outsiders at the meeting. Two representatives from the Angel Hills Wolf Pack had arrived late that afternoon in order to attend the conference — an alpha by the name of Milo, and a beta named Ace. Leo sat studying them while Rafe read out the minutes of the last meeting over five months prior. Like most alphas, Milo was tall and well-muscled. He had a head of black hair pulled into a top knot and chiseled features with cheekbones that stood out below hawk-like dark eyes. His arms and one side of his neck were covered in tattoos of strange symbols, and Leo wondered what they signified.

The beta was slighter, with lean, toned muscles and long runner’s legs. His short brown hair was sun-streaked, and he had a long, straight nose and attention-grabbing icy blue eyes beneath dark, well-shaped brows. Leo noticed a tattoo peeking out from under the right sleeve of his shirt. He seemed to be taking in everything with interest, particularly the group of humans. Leo couldn’t help but feel sorry for the females, Cara and Beth, who stood out like sore thumbs among so many males.

Stone’s sharp, deep voice cut into Leo’s thoughts, and he turned his attention to the front where the contentious alpha had already begun arguing his points.

“… no place for females. Do they even have any werewolf in them?”

“Of course they do; they’re mine. They are developing as quickly as any werewolf child.” River said more calmly than Leo would have under the scrutiny of so many condemning eyes.

“But have they shifted?” someone asked.

“Not yet. You know as well as I do that they could be a year old before they shift.”

If they shift,” Stone muttered. “And most do by seven months.”

“If they don’t shift,” someone else said, “they aren’t werewolves. They’ll have to leave.”

“They don’t belong here.” Stone stood, feet apart and hands on hips. Justin, Stone’s pregnant omega, cowered in submission at the sound of Stone’s displeased voice. His three beta mates sat with eyes downcast, although Leo saw Canaan glance up more than once. There was something shrewd and calculating about Canaan, and although Leo felt sorry for him after his son was killed, it didn’t make it any easier to like him.

“As my children, they certainly do belong here, as yours do, and the progeny of everyone else present,” River said, tone brooking no argument.

Stone made a frustrated sound and looked around, eyes landing on Griffin, an alpha of Stone’s age.

Griffin stood. “Your own father drove your mate’s father from the pack for having relations with a human female.”

“My father did not drive him out. Derrick was punished — told he couldn’t leave the compound. But he ran away.”

“This is true,” Old Ben called out.

“The fact remains that Thorn did not approve of the boy’s actions,” Griffin argued. “He didn’t invite Derrick to bring his female lover into the pack because females don’t belong with werewolves.”

“I don’t know what you’re getting at,” River said with a sigh. “I am not attempting to bring a female among us. My daughters were born to me, and are therefore a part of this pack.”

Before Griffin could speak again, Stone interrupted. “Which wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t mated with the half-human, which you did without consulting the pack.”

“Josiah is a werewolf,” River said. “And I do not need to consult my pack before mating.”

Half-werewolf,” Stone corrected. “Unlike someone who willingly takes the bite and transforms, your mate will always be part human. Which is why he spawned twin abominations –”

In two steps, River crossed the room and had Stone’s neck between his hands, thumbs cutting off the alpha’s air flow. Leo glanced at the humans. Several flinched, and others looked horrified.

“Don’t you ever,” River breathed heavily into Stone’s purpling face, “ever speak of my mate or children in that manner again. Am I clear?”

Stone’s eyes bulged and his mouth gaped as he tried to dislodge River’s grip. Leo stood, along with the other alphas in the room. As pack alpha, River had the right to kill Stone for such an insult, and Leo found himself almost hoping River would.


Third Mate


The winds of change are blowing through the River Wolf Pack compound. River, the pack alpha, has allowed rogue wolves, a coyote shifter, and humans to join the pack. Then there’s the twin girls that Josiah, River’s mate, has given birth to. A movement to return to more traditional werewolf ways is gaining momentum.

In exchange for Leo’s help, Stone offers him the position of second alpha should Stone succeed in usurping River as pack alpha. Leo has his own problems — his desire to rise within the pack wars with his dislike of Stone. With the addition of Sam and Foster into the mix, Leo’s personal life is no less complex.

Jax knows he must make a difficult decision before he’s turned out of the compound. Should he remain human or accept David’s bite? He loves the alpha wolf, but he also has ties to the human world, ones he doesn’t want to sever. When David discovers Brooks is considering mating Stone, David determines to prevent it. Can Jax provide a solution to Brooks’s problem even if it means sacrificing his own happiness?

Can River remain in charge of an increasingly fractured pack? Does he even want to?

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July 16, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun Facebook group where authors share pieces of their work.

Today’s snippet is from my WIP sci-fi paranormal.

“I’m sure you are being mellow dramatic,” Ezzy said.

“Me?” Michael couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s the pot calling the kettle black.” The way Ezzy just stared told Michael the Daosians had different words for their cooking implements. Either that, or Ezzy had never set foot in a kitchen. He wouldn’t be surprised if it were the latter. “You’re the one who’s mellow dramatic.”

Ezzy made a face. “I am sure Quinn’s parents adored you.”

“They liked me fine. It was the grandparents who despised me.”

“Again, I think you are exaggerating.” Ezzy examined his fingernails.

“Twat,” Michael said.

“I beg your pardon!” Ezzy laid a hand on his chest, looking offended. “The Twats have tiny brains and eat their own excrement!”

Michael stared at his friend for a moment before breaking into laughter.

“Oh, my God. Okay, you’re not a twat. But seriously, Quinn’s grandfathers kept crinkling their noses and asking me questions like they thought humans were savages.”

Ezzy shrugged. “You are only half-human. Anyway, who cares what they think? I am willing to bet Quinn does not.”

July 9, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where authors post a bit of their work every week.

This is another piece from my paranormal sci-fi mpreg WIP. Unedited.

The set-up: Michael is prone to anxiety and has recently found out he’s a werewolf alien and pregnant with his alpha mate’s child. Quinn (Michael’s mate) has taken Michael to the doctor, who turns out to be a species that looks remarkably like the disgusting, giant garden slugs his grandmother used to have in her backyard.

As the slug-man undulated its way into the room, Michael gave in to a full-body shudder.

“I can’t do this,” he said.

Quinn looked really concerned now. “You can’t do what?”

Michael’s eyes went to the doctor, who was adjusting the light over the table with long, glistening fingers .

“Hop up here, Michael, and I’ll have a look at you,” Dr. Gunwanoll said in that voice that sounded as though he was gargling pudding. As the alien moved, Michael could see it left a slick trail of slime in its wake.

Michael shook his head. “No.”

Quinn ran his hand soothingly over Michael’s back.“Michael.”

“No,” Michael repeated, louder this time. He turned and ran out of the room, not paying any attention to where he was going. He turned several corners before slowing down, heart beating almost painfully in his chest. He struggled to bring his breathing under control. There was no way he was letting that—that thing touch him, no matter what Quinn said.

Michael took off one way, changed his mind, and ran in the other direction, covering the same ground like a confused rat in a maze. Finally, he forced himself to stop and think. He needed a place to hide. Spotting what appeared to be a closet, he slipped inside and shut the door.

He heard voices and recognized Quinn’s as well as the glugging speech of Dr. Gunwanoll. Damn, how fast could that mother fucker slide around? Michael tensed, but the voices got farther away rather than closer. It was awful to run from Quinn, and a large part of Michael wanted to call to his mate. He would if it weren’t for the slug doctor.

Michael didn’t know what part of the castle he was in, and he didn’t care as long as he didn’t have to let that gelatinous alien lay its slimy two-fingered hand on him. Taking deep, even breaths, he managed to slow his heart rate and dispel the light-headed feeling that had overcome him when he realized he wasn’t halluciating and that thing was going to touch him. How could anything in the universe look like that and be a talking, functioning being? Shuddering, he covered his face with his hands and tried not remember the feel of the slimy things between his toes on dark mornings when he’d walked out his grandmother’s front walk to get the newspaper.