July 2, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun Facebook group where every week authors share snippets of what they’re writing.

More of my contemporary WIP that I shared last week. Unedited.

“You’re sorry. Again, you’ve said that. You lied to me and embarrassed me, Ethan. I don’t normally do hook-ups like that, but I ignored my better judgment because we’d hit it off so well.”

“We did hit it off well! I felt it, too.”

Donovan ignored me. “When I found out the conference was so close to where you lived—or where I thought you lived, because evidently you don’t live in Marietta—it seemed like the perfect chance for two adults to have some fun. Again, something I don’t normally do, but I liked you and was attracted to you. I’ve learned my lesson. How many men have you lured that way?”

“What? None! Only you. I mean, I didn’t lure you.” I covered my face with my hands and groaned into them. “I liked you and wanted to meet you. And, yeah, I didn’t tell you the real name of my town, because at first I didn’t think it was safe to do that. Later, I was just embarrassed. It’s such a small place, and so backward, especially compared to New York City. Those were the only two lies, I swear. Oh, except…” Fuck.

“Except what?” Donovan’s blue eyes narrowed.

My heart hammered in my ears.

“You might as well tell me. It doesn’t matter much now.”

He was right. What did I have to lose? I needed to tell it all.

“That was my first time,” I said softly.


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