August 27, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where authors share weekly snippets of their works in progress.

Today’s snippet occurs just shortly after last week’s. Brooks and Foster have been interviewed for a job at a gay club.

On the way back to the apartment building, Brooks thought about everything that had happened. “Why do you suppose he wanted to see us naked?” he asked Foster.

“I don’t know, but we can’t afford to be choosey. We can dance, right? I’m guessing we’re going to do it in front of people. I mean, he said entertainment.”

“Do you think we’ll be doing it naked?” Brooks asked.

“Maybe? I can’t think of another reason he’d want to see us without clothes.”

“Humans are so weird.” Brooks shook his head. “What do you think he meant about tricks?”

“That’s the part that worries me. I can do a handstand. Maybe a cartwheel.”

“Why would anyone want to watch someone do a cartwheel naked?”


August 20, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where authors post snippets of their work every week.

Today’s snippet is from my WIP River Wolf Pack/Angel Hills Pack. Unedited.

Foster grabbed Brooks’ arm, stopping him.  A “help wanted” sign leaned against the dirty glass of a window. Brooks looked at Foster, who shrugged. The place was pretty crummy looking, but did they have a choice? They’d been looking for work for weeks. Brooks pulled open the door and let Foster walk ahead of him into the dark interior.

“Can I help you?” a gruff voice asked.

Gradually, Brooks’ eyes adjusted to the dimness and focused on a man standing behind a bar. He was tall, dark-skinned, and had a scar running down his cheek to the middle of his neck.

“We saw the help wanted sign,” Brooks said.

The man looked them up and down. “You have any experience in the entertainment business?”

Brooks opened his mouth to say no, but Foster was quicker.


The man walked out from behind the bar. “Follow me to my office.”

Foster gave Brooks a look that said he’d had to lie. “How hard could it be?” he mouthed, and Brooks nodded understanding.

The man’s office was small and messy, with papers everywhere. A laptop sat open on a rickety wooden desk. The man plopped down into a ripped vinyl chair that squeaked.

“Let’s see what you got.” He made a grabby gesture with his hands. Again, Brooks looked at Foster, but the coyote-shifter didn’t seem to understand what the man wanted either. “Take your clothes off,” the man said, looking exasperated.



Omega Arrival

So, the above is the name for my next book following the characters of River Wolf Pack as well as new characters in the Angel Hills pack. I have restarted this book four times, just not able to settle on exactly what I wanted. I think I’ve got it now. If all goes well, look for a release close to Halloween!
Angel Hills Pack characters to look for–
The five new omegas, including Justin
Justin’s three former beta mates

as well as many of your River Wolf Pack favorites.

August 14, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a group on Facebook where authors can share pieces of their work in progress.

Today’s snippet is from my WIP Omega Arrival, which spins off from my River Wolf Pack series. In this snippet Justin, one of the omegas traded to Angel Hills Pack, meets some of the alphas and betas looking for an omega mate.

After a moment, the man called Tarz walked into the building, shutting the door on bright morning sunlight and birdsong. Again, Justin felt the blacksmith’s gaze like an unwelcome touch. The man reminded him so much of Stone, Justin’s bowels turned to water.

Tarz walked up to where the omegas were seated, and Grey introduced him to each. Gabriel held himself aloof, obviously not caring for the man, but London smiled at Tarz and the twins didn’t seem bothered. Justin knew just because the blacksmith was powerful and looked a bit like Stone didn’t mean he was a sadist like Justin’s former mate, but he couldn’t shake the unease he felt around the man.

August 7, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where authors share pieces of their work. Today I’m sharing another bit from my WIP The Vampire’s Consort. In Nox, the underground world of the vampires, Birch meets Draven at the bar.

“So Athan really did it, then. Got himself a consort.”

“Something wrong with that?” Birch lifted his chin.

“You’re blushing, how delightful. No wonder Athan chose you.” Draven cocked his head. “Although there’s something more about you. I just can’t put my finger on it.”

Uncomfortable, Birch looked around for Athan, but he was busy talking to a group on the other side of the bar. At a table nearby, Serafino fed an amber liquid to Lucine from a narrow glass.

“Don’t expect Fino to come rescue you,” Draven said lightly. He grinned at Birch’s astonished look. “Actually, you’re far safer sitting here with me than you would be with that one. You know what his name means, don’t you?”

Birch shook his head.

“It means burning one or serpent.” Draven chuckled. “Surely, as a human, you have studied the Bible.”

A chill ran down Birch’s back, but he jutted his chin defiantly. “And what does your name mean?”

Draven’s blue-green eyes widened a bit as his lush mouth spread in a smile. “My name means hunter. Take that as you will. And, before you ask, your intended’s name means immortal. Rather boring if you ask me.” He rolled his eyes and took a sip of his drink. Lifting his hand, he got the attention of the female bartender. “Another one of these, please. And one for my friend, here.”

The woman glanced at Birch before nodding and reaching under the counter.

Birch wasn’t sure he wanted to accept, but something about Draven made him feel he had to prove himself. So when the bartender set down the glass of pinkish liquid, he tentatively took a sip.

“Already moving in on my territory?” Athan’s voice from behind Birch startled him into spilling some of his drink.