August 14, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a group on Facebook where authors can share pieces of their work in progress.

Today’s snippet is from my WIP Omega Arrival, which spins off from my River Wolf Pack series. In this snippet Justin, one of the omegas traded to Angel Hills Pack, meets some of the alphas and betas looking for an omega mate.

After a moment, the man called Tarz walked into the building, shutting the door on bright morning sunlight and birdsong. Again, Justin felt the blacksmith’s gaze like an unwelcome touch. The man reminded him so much of Stone, Justin’s bowels turned to water.

Tarz walked up to where the omegas were seated, and Grey introduced him to each. Gabriel held himself aloof, obviously not caring for the man, but London smiled at Tarz and the twins didn’t seem bothered. Justin knew just because the blacksmith was powerful and looked a bit like Stone didn’t mean he was a sadist like Justin’s former mate, but he couldn’t shake the unease he felt around the man.


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