August 20, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where authors post snippets of their work every week.

Today’s snippet is from my WIP River Wolf Pack/Angel Hills Pack. Unedited.

Foster grabbed Brooks’ arm, stopping him.  A “help wanted” sign leaned against the dirty glass of a window. Brooks looked at Foster, who shrugged. The place was pretty crummy looking, but did they have a choice? They’d been looking for work for weeks. Brooks pulled open the door and let Foster walk ahead of him into the dark interior.

“Can I help you?” a gruff voice asked.

Gradually, Brooks’ eyes adjusted to the dimness and focused on a man standing behind a bar. He was tall, dark-skinned, and had a scar running down his cheek to the middle of his neck.

“We saw the help wanted sign,” Brooks said.

The man looked them up and down. “You have any experience in the entertainment business?”

Brooks opened his mouth to say no, but Foster was quicker.


The man walked out from behind the bar. “Follow me to my office.”

Foster gave Brooks a look that said he’d had to lie. “How hard could it be?” he mouthed, and Brooks nodded understanding.

The man’s office was small and messy, with papers everywhere. A laptop sat open on a rickety wooden desk. The man plopped down into a ripped vinyl chair that squeaked.

“Let’s see what you got.” He made a grabby gesture with his hands. Again, Brooks looked at Foster, but the coyote-shifter didn’t seem to understand what the man wanted either. “Take your clothes off,” the man said, looking exasperated.




9 thoughts on “August 20, 2016

  1. “entertainment business.” Yeah, I’m guessing they don’t exactly have the kind of experience that’s meant here. It’ll be fun to see how this turns out.


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