Question for My Readers

Hi! If you’re a reader of my River Wolf Pack series, I’m happy to meet you and hoping you can answer a question for me. As the series has progressed, I’ve found myself in a quandary. In an attempt to provide insight to all relationships, I’ve written the last couple of books from multiple points of view. Some reader feedback has suggested that some find so many characters and points of view confusing. So I’m asking you, in the next book that addresses River and Josiah and their new pack, do you prefer one point of view? Two? Whose would it be? (Most likely choices: River, Josiah, (both), David, Jax, Brooks (all three), Leo, Sam, (both), or Foster alone or with his true mate’s pov, too.

Thank you so much for reading and for giving me this feedback!


17 thoughts on “Question for My Readers

  1. The multiple views can be confusing, but I have come to think of the series as an ongoing soap opera rather than each book being a standalone no cliffhanger story. I am looking forward to what happens next. I have so many questions and remarks about the ongoing story so far, yet can wait and don’t want to pose the questions so I don’t spoil the stories for people who might not have gotten to read them yet.


    1. Thank you, c. I am happy you are enjoying them. If you want to email me your comments, feel free. I love hearing from my readers. It’s funny you say “soap opera,” because when I was younger I always wanted to write for the daytime soaps, lol. I rather enjoyed those my grandmother and mother watched on CBS. All the good ones are gone now.
      Thanks for taking the time to come here and comment!


  2. I love your River Wolf Pack Series. I have read all three and just now discovered the fourth one and it is next on my TBR. I would actually love for you to write the series as you envisioned them but if I was to offer an opinion it would be this – I don’t necessarily mind the multiple POVs and I feel multiple POVs only get confusing when each character has a different story line, instead if multiple POVs were to be just limited to provide a different perspective on the main storyline then they wouldn’t be as confusing. So I believe that a story structured around two core characters with other characters interspersed sporadically to provide background and to keep them in the loop would work perfectly.
    Having said that I must confess I love the series and I love the way the entire series that I have read so far was written and I can’t wait for more on the River Wolf Pack.


      1. Hi Rebecca!
        I just finished reading Omega Arrival and I loved it. I personally can’t wait to know more about the Angel Hills Pack. I hope you will continue writing about these characters and also about the River Wolf Pack. Also I loved how Omega Arrival is written and I loved how you used the different POVs in that book which I kind of reaffirms my wish that you write these books as you envision them.
        Have an amazing day!!


  3. I need to catch up on the series, but I don’t usually mind multiple POV storylines as long as it is clearly indicated and separated, but I will say that it’s a bit easier to follow it when there are still just a couple “main” POVs and the others maybe aren’t given as much focus? I feel like your series is a bit more of a direct continuation where previous characters are still actively involved, whereas a lot of other series have the previous couples only mentioned or in a short scene so it’s different for your series. Like would it be possible to have River and Josiah since it’s still their pack, and then the Foster and his mate? Ultimately, I think you should do what feels right to tell the story the best way you can. I don’t think it’s confusing, you just need to know who’s who…it might be harder for new fans to jump in, they’d definitely need to start at the beginning. Sorry, this got ramble-y!


    1. Thanks, Rachel. No, it helps. Thanks for your input! I guess my difficulty with this one is there’s so much going on with several couples and they have stories to be told. They have things going on at the same time, and it’s difficult to cover that from another couple’s pov. It’s got me kind of stalled, which is why I’m asking for reader input.


  4. I’ve enjoyed all the series. I don’t mind multiple POVs as long as the story line is consistent. I can’t wait for the next book. I also enjoyed omega arrivals so great job there. Will there be more in that series too?


      1. OA was really good although you broke my heart a little with a left hook I wasn’t expecting!!!
        And give yourself a break, the writing will come. And fans like myself will happily wait. ❤️️


  5. I absolutely loved the series and can’t wait for more. I don’t mind what format a book takes as long as it’s good but too many POV’s can lead to confusion. I hope we get to hear more from/about Foster and Sam. However you decide to write the book, I’m sure it will be awesome.


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