A New Beginning: Cascade City Pack


When tragedy strikes his small band of werewolves who’d been roaming the countryside in search of a new home after River had been ousted as pack alpha of his old pack, River reluctantly concludes life in Cascade city might be safer.

However, tensions within the pack soon escalate when they’re forced to all live in the apartment rented by Jax, the human lover of David, the pack’s second in command. Knowing he needs money to buy better and bigger accommodation for his pack, River disappears for a few days and returns with a bag of gold chips he’s sniffed out from the Cascade River near his old pack grounds.

Coyote shifter Foster’s true mate has made his presence known, but when the coyote alpha finally shows himself, Foster is faced with a difficult decision. Stay with the werewolves and risk his mate’s unhappiness, or leave those he’s come to love as family?

Meanwhile, David continues to want to submit to Jax while being alpha to his beta mate, Brooks. Tension in the threesome grows as Jax’s reluctance to take the bite turns into flat-out refusal. Can their relationship survive this as well as Brooks pregnancy and David’s hyper-protectiveness of his werewolf mate?

When Josiah suggests the pack admit rogue werewolves, River’s desire to please his omega mate wars with his responsibilities to his pack as he questions past decisions and Josiah’s influence on them. Will history repeat itself, leading to the downfall of the newly-formed Cascade City Pack?

Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

    • Josiah ran his hand through his curls. “Would you quit repeating everything I say? I never would have stopped working there, except I suddenly found myself mated to a werewolf.”
    • River narrowed his eyes. “I assume this has been going on since we got to the city. Why is this the first I’m hearing about it? Yes, things have been busy, but you’ve had plenty of chances to mention it.”
    • Josiah reminded himself he was in the wrong. “I’ve been meaning to tell you, but … I guess I thought you’d disapprove.”
    • “You knew I’d disapprove,” River corrected. “I specifically told you to stay away from humans. What wolves are you trying to help?”
    • Josiah pushed down the resentment he felt as Mark’s words came back to him about River being domineering. “Some who needed a place to stay.”
    • “Rogues.”
    • Josiah nodded.
    • “Knowing how I feel about them.”
    • Josiah couldn’t keep the snap out of his tone. “If I’m going to help at the Congress, I’m either going to be dealing with humans or werewolves, and those werewolves are going to be rogues.”
    • “And you’re telling me now because …”
    • This wasn’t going at all the way Josiah had planned. He rubbed his eyes, trying to get rid of the red tinge that kept trying to creep in. Maybe he should have waited until after his heat to bring this up, but no — putting it off longer would only make things worse. “I’m sorry for keeping this from you. It’s been eating away at me because I knew I needed to tell you. I wanted to. I just didn’t want to lay something else on your plate.” The frown lines between Rivers eyes relaxed a little, and Josiah continued. “I know you disliked taking the rogues into the pack, although both Sam and Foster turned out to be wonderful assets. As did Patrick, Kane, and Matthew.”
    • River took a step closer to the omega. “The decision to take rogues into our pack is part of the reason we’re no longer on the compound. The pack didn’t like it, no matter how much of an asset they were. And I’m disappointed to learn my mate has been sneaking around behind my back doing something he knows full well I wouldn’t like. Just the fact that you’ve been doing it landed it on my plate. Keeping it from me has only made it worse.”
    • Josiah made a frustrated sound. “It wasn’t like that, River. I wasn’t trying to be sneaky. You knew I’ve been with Mark a lot.”
    • “And I’m not so stupid I didn’t realize you’d be at the Congress some of that time. What I didn’t know was that you were actively working there in spite of the fact you knew I didn’t approve.”
    • Josiah stood his ground. “I have every right to be there if I want.” He glared at River, daring the alpha to say otherwise. “Mark told me they were building housing for rogue wolves. Housing that would keep the weres from wandering around trying to find food in the humans’ trash. That alone will make a huge impact.”
    • River growled. “You’ve been meeting with these rogues?”
    • “No, not them. Mark just showed me the housing. He introduced me to an omega shifter who’d been adopted as a baby by humans here in the city. His name is Jaime, and before your hackles go up, I repeat, he’s an omega. He told me he’d discovered a group of rogue omegas living in the sewer system, and he’s set up an old farm building for them as a shelter where they’re safe from the rogue alphas as well as the humans. I’ve visited them a few times and talked to them about their options. I was hoping you might write to Grey at Angel Hills and ask if they’d like any more omegas.”
    • River’s eyes darkened to a mossy green. “So, that’s why you’re finally telling me.”
    • “I was going to tell you anyway,” Josiah said on a huff.
    • “When?”
    • “As soon as I could convince myself it wouldn’t come between us. Anyway, it’s the omegas I’ve visited with Mark, and I don’t regret it.”
    • River looked away. “I’ve known for a few days you’ve been lying to me. I forgot my keys last Monday and came back to find you gone.”
    • Josiah put things together. “You wanted to see if I’d lie.”
    • Guilt flashed in River’s eyes. “And you didn’t.”
    • Josiah let out a breath. “Yes, I did. I let you think I was on my way to the Congress when we were really going to the omega refuge. I felt so guilty. I would have talked to you that night if the girls hadn’t gotten sick.” Josiah took River’s hand. “I’m sorry. I just want to help. I know you’ve been wrestling with things since we left the compound, but I still believe improving relations is important.”
    • River’s jaw tightened. “I don’t like you putting yourself out there when I’m not around to protect you, Josiah.”
    • “I can understand why you wouldn’t want me to be around rogue alphas or even betas, but omegas? You know we have an affinity. These shifters are just like the rest of us, only down on their luck. People need help sometimes. We did.”
    • River’s lips thinned. “Thanks for the reminder I was unable to take care of my pack and had to rely on Jax for a place to live.”
    • “River, that’s not –”
    • “Some rogues are desperate, and I don’t want my mate near them.”
    • “The omegas are desperate. For our help. You don’t know them, River. You haven’t met any of them.”
    • “And why is that? Because you didn’t bother to tell me about them.” The alpha took a step back. “Come to think of it, the subject of rogues came up at the meeting at the Congress. You conveniently didn’t mention you knew all about them.”
    • Josiah sighed. “Can you blame me when you’re acting exactly like I was afraid you would?”



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