A guide to my wolf-shifter books


There are a lot of m/m shifter books out there. The following information concerns my River Wolf Pack, Cascade City Pack, and Angel Hills Pack wolf-shifter books. I do have a sci-fi/paranormal novel (The Wolves of Daos 5) that involves wolf-shifters but does not share this world, and I have plans for other shifters books that will also have worlds of their own.

What’s the premise of my world? For one thing, my wolf-shifters aka werewolves are a homosexual group. There are no women.

They live in communities of their own, away from cities and most modern conveniences, although Angel Hills Pack and Cascade City Pack are a bit more advanced than the original River Wolf Pack.

They are at odds with the humans, but there’s a Human/Werewolf Congress trying to make peace between the two.

My wolf-shifter books are serials. I prefer to call them serials rather than soap operas, because soaps lean toward the mellow-dramatic and unbelievable. As serials, they do not completely wrap up at the end, but for all intents and purposes, each book has an ending without a cliffhanger. Still, their world continues.

Most m/m wolf-shifter books focus on one couple and one story and the reader rarely sees much of the couple after that. My shifter books focus on several couples/triads/multiples and their ongoing relationships. First Omega revolves mostly around River and Josiah. Second Alpha is centered around David and Jax. However, as the books progress  and the readers get to know more couples/triads/multiples, the page time for each is divided more evenly.

One positive about focusing on more than one couple is my books can contain multiple tropes. There might be older/younger, mpreg, and enemies to lovers all in one book.

My books contain polyamorous relationships. Not all mated wolves are polyamorous, but some are. Angel Hills has more more loosely defined feeling toward sex, some members having recreational sex with others they are not mated to.

My books are mpreg. What the heck is that? That’s when a male can have a baby. So the wolf-shifters procreate among themselves. First Omega only mentions mpreg at the end, while subsequent books contain more of it. Omegas can have multiple children, and betas can have only one in their lifetimes. The alphas do not bear children. None of the books have plots solely surrounding a pregnancy.

In my shifter world, the omegas are prized for their ability to have multiple children. Omegas are self-lubricating and go into monthly heats during which they give off an alluring scent that drives alphas wild.

Only alphas and omegas are prone to emotional periods of hormonal changes when the omegas are in heat and the alphas in rut. Betas remain level-headed at all times and make excellent guards and assistants to the pack alpha because of this.

The packs in my shifter books are led by one alpha. The pack decides how the pack alpha is chosen. In River Wolf Pack, the alpha fights for the right to rule. In Angel Hills pack, the alpha inherits his role as pack leader, and should the pack leader die, an election is held to appoint the next one. In both packs, the pack alpha has a second and a third in command to share the responsibilities and help the pack alpha run the pack.

My shifter books are erotic. They have plots, but there’s a lot of sex, too.

Want to read my wolf pack books? Where to begin?

River Wolf Pack: Pack alpha-River

First Omega

Second Alpha

Third Mate

Cascade City Pack books: (to be read after River Wolf Pack books) Pack alpha-River

A New Beginning

Angel Hills Pack books: (Can be read a lone or after River Wolf Pack books) Pack alpha-Grey

Omega Arrival

All of my books, shifter or otherwise, are available on Kindle Unlimited for the time being, but my publisher will be taking them off KU soon.


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