Jax Moreau

Jax is a character my readers seem to have varied opinions about. He’s human–one of the few humans featured in my River Wolf Pack books. Physically, he’s tall, in his mid-thirties, has caramel-colored skin, startling gray eyes, and long dreadlocks. He once had an affair with a much older man–the president of the Human/Werewolf Congress.

In First Omega, Jax comes to River Wolf Pack compound at the request of his co-worker, Josiah, who’s recently found out he’s half-omega werewolf and has mated River, the pack alpha. Josiah wants Jax to help with human/werewolf relations. When Jax begins working with David, alpha werewolf and second-in-command to River, the two fall in love. This isn’t something that happens often in wolf packs, and their romance brings animosity within the pack and difficulty within Jax and David’s relationship.

One of the biggest conflicts between the two is that Jax isn’t a werewolf and isn’t willing to take David’s bite to become one. I think this is where a lot of reader antagonism toward Jax comes from. Readers feel that if Jax really loves David, he should take the bite. But Jax doesn’t want to change himself like that. He can’t bring himself to do it, even though he genuinely loves David. This conflict leads to various plot twists in the River Wolf Pack trilogy.

Another difficulty within the Jax/David relationship is the fact that Jax normally is not a bottom and alphas always top. Because he loves Jax, David winds up submitting to him in bed and that spurs a lot of self-questioning on David’s part because alphas do not submit and definitely shouldn’t enjoy it as David does.

My most recent book, A New Beginning, is the first in the Cascade City Pack series, a spin-off from the River Wolf Pack series. In this book, Jax’s character becomes even more complicated, and I’m not sure if what happens make readers like Jax more or less. Again, I hear a lot of mixed feelings about Jax–mostly “I hate him” or “I love him.”

I invite readers to leave comments on the Jax character and why they love him or don’t. As he’s taken a very big step recently, he will be featured more in the next book in the series.


6 thoughts on “Jax Moreau

  1. I can understand both sides of Jax’s dilemma. He loves David, but doesn’t want to give up his humanity for a world he he has a VERY hard time understanding. Plus there’s a chance the bite might kill him.


      1. I’m guessing it’s because the readers are saying somewhere inside themselves, “If that yummy werewolf offered ME the bite I’d take it in a hot second. How dare he spurn what I desire!”


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