Second-in-command of River Wolf Pack (and later, Cascade City Pack), David is a soft-spoken, tall, blond alpha with deep brown eyes, and my favorite of my characters in the series. He’s loosely based on the sensitive blond I’ve crushed over so many times.

Perhaps it’s that sensitivity that brings about David’s conflict: he finds out he’s an alpha who enjoys submitting. If David thought having a human partner would cause him problems, he never expected that Jax would confess to normally being a top, causing David to find out that he LOVES submitting to Jax. An alpha who loves to submit. David can’t help but feel something is wrong with him.

Is this part of the reason Jax isn’t very well liked by readers? Because he causes a dominant alpha to submit? To be fair,  David offers, because he loves Jax, and the alpha finds submitting to be something he needs in his life, even if it does make him feel less of an alpha.

Most likely, readers are annoyed with Jax because he refuses to take the bite. Jax is stubborn and just can’t take that final plunge of commitment, namely changing his entire world to become a beta werewolf. Yes,  if he took David’s bite, Jax would be a beta. Perhaps that has something to do with his reluctance? After all, a beta will always submit to an alpha, and while David might be able to handle a human dominating him in the bedroom, having a beta do it would be a different story.

David and Jax are together romantically, but they aren’t mates. As a human, Jax can’t take a mating bite from David without becoming a werewolf himself. Not wanting David to suffer if Jax should leave, Jax finagles things so that Brooks becomes David’s beta mate. Brooks and David always had some chemistry going; in fact, Brooks had long been in love with the second alpha. Adding the beta to the mix makes for some smexy times, as well as an emotional mix.

The David/Jax/Brooks story line is most prominent in Second Alpha, Third, Mate, and A New Beginning.


2 thoughts on “David/Jax/Brooks

  1. I love David and Jax’s relationship so much and especially considering all the events of “A New Beginning”, I really can’t wait to figure what’s next in their relationship.

    The following is an excerpt from my review of “A New Beginning” (https://scatteredthoughtsandroguewords.com/2017/05/17/a-vvivacious-review-a-new-beginning-cascade-city-pack-1-by-rebecca-james/) that really encapsulates my thoughts on this trio after reading the book –
    Now coming to the very best part of this book which is undoubtedly the relationship between David, Jax and Brooks. I love how the author writes these three and their relationship as something effortless. I loved the implication that Brooks was scared of loving Jax because he knew that while David would never leave him Jax could, which made him guard his heart a little around Jax which made me wonder if that is what Jax did with Brooks as well because the whole reason he wanted David to mate was so that David wouldn’t be alone when Jax left but this isn’t something explicitly stated in this book and that is because this book doesn’t offer Jax’s perspective. I really want a book from his perspective; in fact I need it, considering everything that happens in Jax’s life in this book I really wish the next book in this series would feature him in a starring role. For all I care it could be entirely from his perspective. But while Brooks and Jax are guarding their hearts around each other, David and Jax have kind of already committed to misery when they fell in love with each other fully well knowing that it may someday lead to a world of hurt. I simply loved David and Jax and their relationship in this book. There are two scenes that particularly stand out for me and these were two such amazing scenes, that they took my breath away and then that fact that was revealed in the epilogue seems to promising much more, hopefully. I just can’t wait for the next book because I can’t wait to know where David and Jax’s story is going to go from here.

    And well if you were wondering what those two scenes were that I was referencing in the review, the first one was the one between Jax and David after David attacks him and Jax comes back inquiring if David’s okay and the second one is the scene were Jax tells David not to believe anything he heard about Jax from this point on as he new the real Jax. They are both really sad scenes but those are the two scenes were the emotions between these two characters is so visceral it’s palpable.

    I feel like in this triangle both Jax and David’s relationships with Brooks are the stable ones while the relationship between Jax and David is the one requiring work the dynamic one, the one destined to burn and make these two suffer. I for one can’t wait to know about David’s reaction to the engagement because it feels like something that is going to push David and Jax’ relationship somewhere, I just don’t if it will push them together or make it the final nail in their coffin or maybe be both.

    Also, I can somehow never fault Jax in staying human. These are just my thoughts but I don’t like the concept of turning your back on your species, not that I haven’t enjoyed people being turned in romance stories but I feel like if it was a real life decision, I would appreciate a bit more deliberation, like Jax has shown. I felt like in the “Second Alpha” that Jax might take the bite but then in the “Third Mate” when he still hadn’t take the bite. I realised that this was one decision that would probably be more realistic in the heat of the moment and after you have thought about it more, thought about the complications of taking the bite more then you would probably always refuse. Also in my head-cannon Jax would turn into Alpha and I used to explain away this aberration by making it appear that when he accepted the bite he accepted with his whole body, mind and soul that he transformed to his fullest potential because frankly I can’t imagine Jax as anything less than Alpha but I also realised that having a relationship between two Alphas would just be another complication between David and Jax at least to the shifter world but it would retain their status quo in their personal relationship, I think but actually I think that it might be worse if Jax was an Alpha that would probably traumatise David. God their relationship has a wealth of possibilities in my head and I should really stop writing. But I love David, Jax and Brooks, I love their trio and I wanted them together with J-G but I really hope David and Jax can sort things out, I mean two people who have managed to love each other despite so much adversity deserve to be together.


    1. Gracious, that’s a lot of thought! And I appreciate it. Not many people like Jax, and I think the reason you do is because you understand he can’t easily give up being human. Thank you for giving me insight into your perspective. I will definitely consider putting Jax’s pov into the next book. Book two of Angel Hills will be the next to come out–probably next month. Then I’ll get right on book two of Cascade City Pack.


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