Reviews Teresias Bound

Queer Sci-fi

5 on Goodreads by Chappy

“I got a free copy of this book through IndiGo Marketing & Design for providing an honest review.

Let me just say that this book was refreshingly different, wonderfully so.

Aiden has a woman’s body but he just knows that he’s supposed to be a man. His hope is to go find the mysterious Fluens and ask them to correct this error and give him a male body. He desperately needs enough money to make this journey so he whores himself out in a brothel that caters to various alien species.

Lydo has completed his father’s latest mission and decides to reward himself with a trip to a whorehouse. He requests a human female and ends up with Adele/Aiden who looks like a woman but claims to be a boy and only wants it up the ass. He complies but before he goes, he leaves some extra funds for Aiden.

Thus begins the epic journey between Aiden and Lydo. This tale is filled with adventure, an assholish and bigoted father, some really cool aliens and most importantly, a wonderful love story.

Highly recommended for people with an open-mind and a romantic heart.”


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