The Alpha’s Forbidden Omega



The Survivor and his Safe Place


The Survivor and his Safe Place, Book 4 of the Hedonist Series

A big, tough biker, Axel Bryant has used his muscle to frighten more than a few people over the years. Which makes it ironic how he’s spent the last three years patiently trying to persuade Caleb Sullivan, the man he’s loved practically at first sight, to stop being afraid of him. A past trauma for which Axel’s looks are a trigger has kept Caleb fearful, but just when Axel is thinking he should give up on the younger man, things take a sudden turn. When Caleb makes it clear he’s interested in Axel, the biker is over the moon. But with his violent past, is he worthy of someone like Caleb?
Caleb has spent the past four years suffering flashbacks of the night his entire family was killed while he hid upstairs in a closet. He’s finally found a good therapist, and, more than anything, he wants to be normal again. Axel’s big, muscular build both attracts Caleb and terrifies him. He can only hope he’s doing the right thing by reaching out to the man and not setting himself back in the recovery he’s only recently made strides in.

The Brat and the Bossman

Thethumbnail Brat and the Bossman, Book 3 of the Hedonist Series

Kicked to the curb by his wealthy parents, Lake Adams works four jobs just to get by. When handsome Blaze Harrington walks back into his life, Lake doesn’t have the time to flirt. Besides, the first time they had met, the sexy biker had turned Lake down. Now Blaze seems interested, but in more than just a one-nighter.
And Lake isn’t boyfriend material.Ever since his older brother died, Blaze has run the Hedonist Motorcycle Club. He also owns a porn company, Hard Time Productions. When he decides to merge with another company, he’s surprised to find his new business partner’s PA is Lake Adams, the feisty, sharp-tongued young man Blaze had met at a party over a year ago. Blaze has come to terms with a lot of things since then and, after some initial uncertainty, wants to give dating Lake a try. But the guy’s burning the candle at both ends and determined not to make things easy for Blaze. However, the more Blaze sees of Lake, the more he’s convinced the man is worth the effort.
And Blaze is a determined man.