excerpt from Firefly Ranch

      Bishop grew very still, a wary look settling over his face. Suddenly, the sounds of cows shifting in the straw and rhythmically chewing their cud seemed incredibly loud around them.
      “What are you talking about?” Bishop’s gaze bored into Carver, and Carver wondered if it had been a mistake to bring it up. But he had to know.
      “Word is that Sutter made a pass at you, and you turned him down. That’s why he didn’t give you the job.”
      “Where did you hear that?”
      “It doesn’t matter where I heard it. All I really care about is that you get over yourself and get rid of the attitude before I have to take action.”
      “Is that a threat?” Bishop narrowed his eyes.
      “What?” Carver frowned.
      “Are you threatening me? Because I’m gay. Like maybe you don’t want a fag working under you, so if I don’t bend and scrape to you, you’ll have me fired.”
      “No!” Carver couldn’t help it, the laugh bubbled up of its own accord; because if Bishop only knew him, he’d realize how ridiculous that accusation was. Turns out that laughing was the wrong thing to do; before Carver could blink, Bishop pulled back his fist and slammed it into Carver’s jaw, knocking him to the ground.
      The easiest and probably smartest thing to do at that point would be to explain from where he was sprawled in the straw, but Carver had never been known to go with the easiest and smartest thing. Surging forward, he tackled Bishop by the legs, sending him toppling backward. Before he could right himself, Carver was on him.
      “Get off!” Bishop struggled, but Carver not only had the advantage of being slightly larger than Bishop, but also of having grown up on a ranch defending himself against bullies while trying to prove himself. Still, Bishop was no weakling, and there was a tussle before Carver finally pinned him. What he hadn’t expected was the way his body would react to being pressed against Bishop’s. His erection could cut steel.
      Carver watched Bishop’s eyes dilate, the green almost disappearing altogether. He smelled of sweat and spice, and suddenly Carver just wanted to bury his face in the man’s neck. Bishop Guy might be an ass, but he was also sexy as hell, and there seemed to be a fine line between annoyance and sexual frustration for Carver where he was concerned. Eyes on the wide mouth with lush lips, Carver pushed his hips forward, grinding against Bishop’s groin, delighting in an answering hardness there; but when Carver shifted his gaze from Bishop’s mouth to his eyes, the cold venom he saw there was enough to make him ease up his hold and sit back. The cock might be saying ‘yes’, but the eyes were definitely saying ‘no.’
      “I was not laughing at you,” Carver said. “I was laughing … with you.”
      “What the hell?” Bishop tried to buck Carver off him, but Carver held firm, thighs tightening on narrow hips.
      “Would you just listen? I’m not about to laugh at you for preferring men when I feel the same way. Understand?”
      “Tell me something I can’t already feel through your jeans.” Bishop glared up at Carver, lips pink and slightly open, breath coming in audible huffs. Carver couldn’t stop himself; he leaned in and kissed those lips.