The Wolves of Daos 5

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Michael’s life is about to change big-time. He’s always wrestled with anxiety, but he’s finally gotten up the courage to face his fears and enter college. He won’t be living in the dorms, though—he’s not that courageous. Instead Michael rents a small cabin in the woods.

While trying to fix a leaking roof, Michael loses his balance and falls. He comes back to consciousness to find himself staring up at Quinn, a guy who’s not only extremely handsome , but also completely nuts. Because Quinn says he’s a werewolf. Oh, and that Michael is one, too. And they’re true mates. But seeing Quinn shift into wolf form goes a long way in convincing Michael what the man says is true, and when Quinn asks Michael to travel back to his pack with him, Michael eventually agrees.

Daos 5 is unlike anything Michael’s ever seen, and he’s in for more than a few more surprises there; including the fact that, incredibly, Michael’s going to have a baby. Add his new friend Ezzy into the mix, and Michael can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Anxiety on the wane, Michael begins to experience life in a way he’d never thought possible. cover-the-wolves-of-daos-5BestsellerIcon100X100

July 16, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun Facebook group where authors share pieces of their work.

Today’s snippet is from my WIP sci-fi paranormal.

“I’m sure you are being mellow dramatic,” Ezzy said.

“Me?” Michael couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s the pot calling the kettle black.” The way Ezzy just stared told Michael the Daosians had different words for their cooking implements. Either that, or Ezzy had never set foot in a kitchen. He wouldn’t be surprised if it were the latter. “You’re the one who’s mellow dramatic.”

Ezzy made a face. “I am sure Quinn’s parents adored you.”

“They liked me fine. It was the grandparents who despised me.”

“Again, I think you are exaggerating.” Ezzy examined his fingernails.

“Twat,” Michael said.

“I beg your pardon!” Ezzy laid a hand on his chest, looking offended. “The Twats have tiny brains and eat their own excrement!”

Michael stared at his friend for a moment before breaking into laughter.

“Oh, my God. Okay, you’re not a twat. But seriously, Quinn’s grandfathers kept crinkling their noses and asking me questions like they thought humans were savages.”

Ezzy shrugged. “You are only half-human. Anyway, who cares what they think? I am willing to bet Quinn does not.”

July 9, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where authors post a bit of their work every week.

This is another piece from my paranormal sci-fi mpreg WIP. Unedited.

The set-up: Michael is prone to anxiety and has recently found out he’s a werewolf alien and pregnant with his alpha mate’s child. Quinn (Michael’s mate) has taken Michael to the doctor, who turns out to be a species that looks remarkably like the disgusting, giant garden slugs his grandmother used to have in her backyard.

As the slug-man undulated its way into the room, Michael gave in to a full-body shudder.

“I can’t do this,” he said.

Quinn looked really concerned now. “You can’t do what?”

Michael’s eyes went to the doctor, who was adjusting the light over the table with long, glistening fingers .

“Hop up here, Michael, and I’ll have a look at you,” Dr. Gunwanoll said in that voice that sounded as though he was gargling pudding. As the alien moved, Michael could see it left a slick trail of slime in its wake.

Michael shook his head. “No.”

Quinn ran his hand soothingly over Michael’s back.“Michael.”

“No,” Michael repeated, louder this time. He turned and ran out of the room, not paying any attention to where he was going. He turned several corners before slowing down, heart beating almost painfully in his chest. He struggled to bring his breathing under control. There was no way he was letting that—that thing touch him, no matter what Quinn said.

Michael took off one way, changed his mind, and ran in the other direction, covering the same ground like a confused rat in a maze. Finally, he forced himself to stop and think. He needed a place to hide. Spotting what appeared to be a closet, he slipped inside and shut the door.

He heard voices and recognized Quinn’s as well as the glugging speech of Dr. Gunwanoll. Damn, how fast could that mother fucker slide around? Michael tensed, but the voices got farther away rather than closer. It was awful to run from Quinn, and a large part of Michael wanted to call to his mate. He would if it weren’t for the slug doctor.

Michael didn’t know what part of the castle he was in, and he didn’t care as long as he didn’t have to let that gelatinous alien lay its slimy two-fingered hand on him. Taking deep, even breaths, he managed to slow his heart rate and dispel the light-headed feeling that had overcome him when he realized he wasn’t halluciating and that thing was going to touch him. How could anything in the universe look like that and be a talking, functioning being? Shuddering, he covered his face with his hands and tried not remember the feel of the slimy things between his toes on dark mornings when he’d walked out his grandmother’s front walk to get the newspaper.

May 21, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun Facebook group where authors share pieces of their work.

Today’s snippet is from my current WIP–a sci-fi/paranormal endeavor.

“Do you have an order?” the ball asked in a low, sultry, male voice.

“Mittalla leaf tea, please. For two.”

The ball whizzed off, and Michael stared after it.

“You’ll like it; it’s delicious. Also very good for nausea.”

“What was that thing?” Michael asked.

Ezzy laughed. “Don’t let him hear you refer to him as a ‘thing.’ He’s a Borgol.”

“He looks part machine.”

“The Borgol were once a race without bodies. Then around the time of the first galactic phase when it looked like war might come between the Excoosians and the Phragistees, the Borgol wanted to fight with the Phragistees, because, you know, nobody likes the Excoosians. So they set about having mechanical bodies made. Over eons, their mental and physical converged until they became what they are today.”

“Floating metal balls that serve werewolves drinks in bathhouses?” Michael asked, and Ezzy made a surprised sound that turned into stomach-clutching laughter. “Oh, honey, that’s rich.” Ezzy wiped his eyes. “No, not at all. See, Cheevy is doing a phase of repentance for a transgression. He got kinky with the mate of someone important on Daos 2, so he was sent here to work it off.”

Michael was busy trying to imagine what “kinky” act the flying metal ball could have committed when it returned with a tray in it’s extended, fleshy hands.

April 30, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a Facebook group where author’s share pieces of their works. This scene is from my WIP–a sci-fi paranormal shifter story. After finding he’s omega to an alpha werewolf, Michael finds himself in a werewolf colony that he does not yet realize is from another world.

“Prisoners,” Quinn said, as though answering Michael’s unasked question. Sometimes he really did seem to read Michael’s mind. “Escor. Scum.”

The corridor leading to the door was narrow and crowded. Quinn wrapped his arm around Michael’s waist and maneuvered them through, while Michael continued to stare at the prisoners. He’d never seen anyone like them; completely hairless, lacking even eyebrows and lashes, with long, slim feet and oddly-shaped heads. Two large werewolves wearing red tangas and brandishing curved sticks urged the prisoners along. As Quinn and Michael passed the line of men, one looked directly at Michael, his silver eyes with dark, vertical pupils reminding Michael uncomfortably of a snake. Michael thought they must be contact lenses—he’d seen some that gave a similar effect. As Michael returned the gaze, quick as lightning, the man’s tongue darted out, thin and forked, touching Michael on the arm at the same time that Atlas yelled and pulled Michael backward until his shoulder hit the opposite wall. Quinn threw himself at the prisoner, his hands around the man’s thick throat.



April 23, 2016

Rainbow Snippets is a fun group on Facebook where author’s share bits of their works.  Today’s snippet is from my WIP, which is a shifter/sci-fi mpreg story. Michael expected to be dealing with his social anxiety issues in his first year of college, not the fact that he’s an omega werewolf and the bond mate of Quinn, the sexy alpha who showed up out of nowhere.

(Michael) wanted Quinn near him. Needed him, and not with the all-consuming lust of the heat, but with a deep-down internal compulsion that jolted Michael to his very foundation. Taking another deep breath and not giving too much thought to whether he’d be able to convey his message in a howl or not, Michael let loose another call, stronger this time and filled with all the yearning he had inside him.

Immediately, there came an answering call, sending a tremor of anticipation along Michael’s spine.