January 31, 2016

Rainbow Snippets

From Second Alpha, WIP and sequel to First Omega. River Wolf Pack series.

“He’s not himself anymore. He’s…he’s…”

“What? A beast? Is that what you were going to say?” In two strides, David was in Jax’s face, and fuck, the scent of him almost brought David to his knees.

“What do you think you’ve been living with the past couple of months, huh? What do you think’s been fucking you every night?” David pounded his fist on his own chest. “I’m a werewolf! I don’t know if you’ve been kidding yourself or what, but if you haven’t accepted that by now, then what do we really have between us?”









Love Will Find a Way

Coming February 21

Aiden O’Keefe is on top of the world. He owns a thriving catering business, lives in a beautiful New York City apartment, and is about to marry Bryar, the love of his life. They’ve been together for three years, and their wedding is only weeks away. Aiden has always had a feeling that his lover is hiding something from him but chalks it up to his insecurity at not being worthy of the older, gorgeous, accomplished Bryar, who is a commercial pilot.

That something comes out when Bryar tells Aiden his parents aren’t dead, as he has led Aiden to believe. Not only that, they’re moving to New York and, worst of all, they believe their son is straight and living with a woman.

Once Bryar comes clean, Aiden is understandably angry and hurt. Can their relationship withstand the resulting fallout? Or will love find a way to see them through?


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First Omega

Nothing can prepare Josiah Kimbrel for what he finds when he enters the compound of the River Wolf Pack. As an ambassador of the human-werewolf congress, Josiah is keen to build bridges between the two species. Josiah is surprised to see how ‘normal’ things look in the compound; the wolves, all of whom are gay, live in family units, complete with children, in houses built from local materials.

Then there’s River, the pack alpha. Josiah can’t deny his attraction to the handsome, dominant wolf man. Josiah’s world is further turned upside down when he unexpectedly goes into heat. He doesn’t understand–how can he be half-werewolf and an omega? River wants Josiah for his mate, but Josiah doesn’t know if he’s prepared to leave everything he knows in the city and become first omega of a werewolf pack.



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Rainbow Book Review




Nicco Santori and Rider Davies have been friends and partners on the LA police force for a total of ten years. They’re closer than most married couples, and there’s nothing they don’t share. When Nicco sees Rider kissing a man, he realizes his partner has a secret Nicco doesn’t know about. Nicco’s more than shocked, he’s jealous, and he realizes he must confront Rider about what he saw; perhaps more difficult than that, he must confront himself about the feelings for his partner he’s kept buried for so long. If all goes well, Nicco may have something with Rider he’s never before dreamed possible. If they go poorly, Nicco may lose it all.



Love Lost, Love Found

Dane Cavendish, a Colorado firefighter, is just managing to get through his second Christmas season without his wife, who died of a brain tumor. When, on a snowy evening a few days before Christmas, Dane sees someone huddled underneath an overpass, he offers the man a place to stay. Sayer Mills lost his job and subsequently everything he had and seems determined not to take advantage of Dane’s kindness. Dane wants Sayer to stay, but he’s beginning to think maybe Sayer just isn’t into him. A close call for Dane on the job finally jolts Sayer into making it a Christmas to remember.


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Firefly Ranch


All his life, Carver West fought to prove he was tough in spite of his California good-looks. When he takes the job of foreman at a Texas ranch, he expects to have to prove himself. He doesn’t expect the open hostility he gets from his lead ranch hand, Bishop Guy, even well after everyone else has accepted him.

When Carver learns that Bishop had been passed over for the job of foreman because he turned down the owner’s sexual advances, Carver wonders if that’s the reason for Bishop’s animosity, or if Bishop really thinks Carver incapable of doing the job. Carver’s undeniable attraction to the man only makes things more complicated, and when an angry Bishop punches Carver in the face, it quickly turns into a hot tumble in the hay.

Carver desperately wants more than that tumble, but unfortunately, it’s unclear if Bishop feels the same way.